Friday, July 18, 2014

Black Bean Ragout

We've been trying to eat less meat around here, particularly since Andrew's last horrible, awful, terrible kidney stone that lasted 7 days, so I've been looking for things to make that are still high protein. Beans fit the bill and I recently posted about a kidney bean curry we love. Indian food has been a go to lately because it's so cheap and healthy to make once you have the spices. Recently I tried out a bean recipe from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook (I'm obessed, I realize that) and it turned out surprisingly well. Word to the wise- you need to use the smoked paprika. I discovered it about a year ago and it has such a great flavor.
I don't mess with the cumin crema or garlc toast but I'm sure that would be really tasty. I just made the beans in the slow cooker. The first night I served it over these corn cakes with fresh salsa and sour cream on top.
The next night I served them with some fried homemade potatoes and fresh tomato slices. Another time I cooked them down and made burritos and quesadillas with them. It's a really versatile recipe and it stretches a long way. Really healthy and pretty cheap to make. I think it would also make a great side for any mexican dish but really, it shines all on its own as the main dish.

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