Friday, July 18, 2014

Fridge dill pickles

Remember what the refridgerator looked like growing up? Of course there was always a rotation of leftovers coming in and out and fruit and veggies, but there were some things that I just always remember seeing.  A mug of bacon grease in the fridge door, cool whip (at least 3 different tubs of it at eaten down to various levels), and an uncovered dish of something dad was pickling (usually cucumbers). When I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen a few days ago, it made me think of them and I had to make them. Here in Belgrade, we get all of our produce in season- unless you go to the big supermarket where you can get a melon yearround but you wouldn't want to bother eating it. So, it's a little sad in the winter looking at all the cabbage and onions but right now all of the berries and peaches and nectarines, roadside makeshift melon stands, and these cute little pickling pickles warm my black little heart. I bet you have them at your grocery store too right or a farmer's market surely. We made the BBQ chicken sandwhiches from pioneer woman and served up these dill pickles with them. Go ahead, make a jar and keep it in your fridge for old times sake.

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  1. yes! so true and funny! these recipes look yummy!